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Whether you have owned your art for decades or recently inherited it, an art appraisal will help you to understand your piece, know its potential value, and make informed decisions about whether, when, and where to place it on the market. Our art appraisals offer in-depth analysis of how your art object will fare in the current art market - a fast-moving arena in which expert knowledge and advice are essential 

Buying and Selling Advising

Our experienced agent will locate the auction houses specializing in your kind of art, open a channel of communication on your behalf, and design a buying or selling strategy that works for your artwork.

Advice on trends, value and quality

Global sourcing

Research & authentication

Negotiation and bidding

Administration of purchases

Building the Collection

Building up a strong art collection demands expertise, professional training, and knowledge of the market. Hiring a qualified professional to build and manage your art collection is necessary.

Advice on developing a unique art collection

Collection management (storage, hanging, documenting, cataloging and exhibiting)

Administration of expertise and restoration

Curating, planning and budgeting

Advice on what and when to buy and sell 

Provenance Research

How has a piece of art reached its current location? What roads did it take? Whose hands have held it? Was it ever unlawfully taken from an owner? These questions are the raised when dealing with art provenance 

Art Research

We have in-depth knowledge of the best and newest scholarship on art. Our Art Research Services cover biographical, exhibition history and periodicals researches 

Art Market Analysis

As market analysts, we identify the marketability of your art work, understand the performance of auction houses and companies worldwide, tracking the ups and downs of artists and their works in the current market. Our report offers the best of both worlds: our art expert conducts extensive research on the artist or workshop and analyzes your artwork in its historical and artistic contexts, while our knowledge of the market is used to propose a realistic market conclusion that makes sense in the real world 

We commit ourselves to a thorough investigation of your artwork.

Custom Plan

Fees vary from one assignment to the other. The proposed fee is based on the complexity of the assignment and a careful caculation of the time and ressources required for completing the research

If you have any custom research and valuation requests or seek our advice on buying or selling, please click the button below and tell us the details

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We are a boutique art advisory company

Provenance is a privately hold art advisory company designed to providing art services worldwide to individuals and institutions, namely, providing an online information service related to an item's origin, value and other identifying characteristics.


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